About Us

Experienced professionals in mining and industry, with identity and commitment, focused on continuous improvement, productivity and excellence in unit operations and solving the problems of their processes, with nanotechnological applications that seek the viability and sustainability of these processes in Chile and the World.



Our mission is focused on creating quality Nanotechnological development with a global perspective, which provides sustainability to the processes in Mining and Industry with quality methodologies and worldwide standards.


To be the leading company and a reference in the development of R + D + i in Nanotechnology for Mining, creating value with high social, environmental and economic impact.

Solutions for the benefit of sustainability

Through the application of Nanotechnological products and effective innovation, Nano2 Chile seeks to win / win from a development that looks at and incorporates into business plans, the changes that the industry requires to increase its productivity, competitiveness and the validation of its processes in the social, labor and environmental environment.

We are sure that from the applications of nanotechnological products, problems associated with corrosion, adhesion of unwanted materials, abrasion problems or alternatives in the production of better materials can be addressed, being the same lighter, more effective and cheaper.

To carry out each innovation proposal, we do so under high-quality methodologies and procedures worldwide, for example, TRL Technological Maturity Levels, created by NASA and is the implementation guide of the United States Department of Energy

We also address environmental problems from the prevention, detection and remediation of environmental degradation with these new solutions and Nanotechnological products.

In this way, we carry out systematic processes to achieve and validate the developments and applications with the levels of technological maturity, which our clients consider to be the level required by the mining industry in order to implement technological innovations to their processes.

Valores y

Innovación, desarrollo e investigación

Commitment to sustainability

Culture of innovation in everything we do

Safety as a transcendental factor of our innovations

Environmental and social responsibility

Desarrollo constante del capital humano

Soluciones nanotecnológicas para la industria y la minería.

Nano2 Chile is in a research and testing stage for the implementation of new nanotechnology solutions, which it is executing in conjunction with the University of Concepción, one of its main strategic allies.

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Work team

Enrique Castro Ruiz

Project Manager

Producer and logistics interpreter of languages.

Ingeborg Rutherford Parentti

Legal Director

Lawyer, orientation in natural resources and environment.

Nibaldo Castillo Cruz


Chemical Civil Engineer

Mauricio Castro Cabrera

Managing Director of Resources and Busines

MBA - Bachelor in Business Administration Management

Andrés Duclos Rozas

Director of Planning and Process Management

Bachelor in Business Administration Management

Ali Astete Marín

Communications Director

Master in Strategic Communication Journalist

Domingo Canepa Castro

Development Manager

Mining Civil Engineer

Víctor Morales Díaz

Ingeniero Trainee

Degree in Chemical Civil Engineering.

Strategic Alliances


Technology Readiness Level, TRL.

Systematic process, created by NASA, based on metrics that evaluate the maturity and development of an innovation project.

Power business intelligence, POWER BI.

Solution aimed at business intelligence, which allows joining different data sources, modeling and analyzing them.

Investment Readiness Level, IRL

Indicator used to inform the degree of maturity reached in the business model that must be built to launch the results of the TRL research on the market.


Commercial management tool to define and create innovative business models.

LEAN method

Innovative business management model that eliminates activities that do not add value, to obtain a higher quality product or service.